Reading Street Spelling Program.

We will continue to use a Balanced Literacy approach which includes independent reading, teachers reading aloud, guided reading and working with words. Working with words requires students to be proficient in spelling as well as vocabulary. Each week we will have a spelling list associated with a spelling skill, vocabulary words to go with our story and some amazing words all readers should know.

Practice your spelling words by going to

UNIT 1: Facing Challenges (5th Grade)

Big Question: What kinds of challenges do people face and how to they meet them?

UNIT 2: Doing the Right Thing (5th Grade)

Big Question: What makes people want to do the right thing?

UNIT 3: Inventors and Artists (5th Grade)

What do people gain from the work of inventors and artists?

Unit 4: Adapting (5th Grade)

Big Question: How do people and animals adapt to different situations?

Unit 5: Adventurers (5th Grade)

Big Question: Who goes seeking adventure and why?

Unit 6: The Unexpected (5th Grade)

What can we learn from encounters with the unexpected?